I’m a journalist and editor focusing on the intersection of human rights, the environment and technology.

I’m currently the enterprise editor at Rest of World, working on international projects and features, linking together stories that happen at scale across the global south. I’ve been an editor-in-chief, a regional correspondent, a features editor and a producer, and I’ve reported from more than 40 countries. My work has appeared in Wired, The Atlantic, The Financial Times, Newsweek and others.

Recent projects

Seven years, 60 countries, 935 internet shutdowns: How authoritarian regimes found an off switch for dissent.


Exposed documents reveal how the powerful clean up their digital past using a reputation laundering firm.


The global gig workers: How the platform work model is reshaping entire economies, sectors, lifestyles, and livelihoods.

Digital Authoritarianism

Fragile state | In the “Smart Nation,” robots enforce social distancing and flying taxis are just over the horizon. But on the ground, Singapore’s tech-utopia dream is turning into a surveillance state nightmare.

Returning the gaze | Uyghurs in exile are fighting back against China’s techno-authoritarianism to locate relatives who have disappeared into concentration camps.

“They want us to disappear” | A generation of young entrepreneurs, journalists, technologists and digital activists have been swept up in Myanmar’s brutal post-coup crackdown.

Other reporting

The fight to save Jakarta, the sinking megacity | Sea level rise, subsidence and political inertia, could soon see Jakarta become the first megacity claimed by climate change. A last-ditch plan to save the city may not be enough.

Is Singapore’s “perfect” economy falling apart | Once hailed as a model of progress, poverty and nativist resentment are on the rise in the city-state.

Death in the Amazon | The brutal murders of four Ashéninka men in the Peruvian Amazon show the stakes in indigenous peoples’ fight for the climate.

Walking on oil | In the arid far north of Kenya, the discovery of oil promises riches, but with natural wealth comes fears of corruption and abuse.