Dark Mood Overshadows Singapore’s Economic Outlook

In Infinium Robotics’ headquarters, in a double-height unit in a grubby industrial estate on the northwestern edge of Singapore, there are scattered parts of miniature helicopter rotors on the floor and in plastic tubs all around the walls. A 3D printer is on hand in a corner, ready to replicate broken pieces of equipment or fashion new ones. From behind a screen, a pair of engineers are concentrating on trying to make a dinner plate-sized drone land on a small cross on the floor.

Founded by former Singapore Navy officer Junyang Woon, Infinium Robotics is working on commercial drones that can autonomously patrol warehouses, scanning stock and taking inventories. The system is designed to reduce the need for humans to perform the manual and labor-intensive task of stocktaking. Woon has already signed up a local company to run trials in a 9,000-sq. meter warehouse nearby, and has interest from several others. “Industry players are really looking into this. We feel there is a huge demand,” Woon said.

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