For Botswana, Diamonds Aren’t Forever

Botswana, one of the world's largest producers of diamonds, has to prepare for a future without the revenue from the industry.

“I visited a single client in India that employed more people than the whole industry in Botswana,” Tshebetso Teekay Kgatlwane says as he steers his SUV around the road that circles Gaborone’s Diamond Technology Park, on the way to the first new factory to open since the downturn began. The DTP is a dusty industrial estate, ringed by high fences and security posts. A helipad on a tower juts out of the courier’s office in the center, and signs around the perimeter warn of the penalties for trespassers.

As a broker for I Henning & Co and a former director in the government’s planning and land agencies, Kgatlwane — known simply as ‘Teekay’ — is a Mr-Fix-It for the global diamond industry in Botswana, smoothing out the speed bumps for companies looking to secure licenses, premises or access to policymakers.

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